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Feb 20, 2023

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Best crypto to invest in right now

Is crypto really a good investment in 2023? What to look for when choosing the best crypto to buy and what are the top options? The best cryptocurrency to invest in right now.

Today digital currency is one of the most popular assets. Traders and crypto investors willingly use crypto coins for different operations. Competent investing in crypto assets can bring a very good income. At the same time, there are many different crypto projects on the market. In such a situation, it is quite difficult to make a choice. So, we need to find the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

The list of available digital currencies is quite extensive today and includes many different crypto assets. It is important to select a crypto project that will bring income. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the best crypto to buy ranking. It is better to invest in digital currency at the top of the list. Give priority attention to the most promising crypto assets, as well as leaders in terms of market capitalization. Today we will talk about the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2023, so you can build your portfolio intelligently.

Is crypto asset the right investment?

Now there are more and more newcomers in the crypto industry, and the topic of digital currencies has become hot. Some people consider crypto assets a very risky thing, while others find them a great investment option. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

So why do people choose crypto projects as an investment? We’ve already said above that there are many different crypto assets on the market, and every year their number is only increasing. That’s because crypto assets are of great interest not only among large crypto investors but also among people without much experience in this field. Both the former and the latter choose the best cryptocurrency to invest in the hope of a good profit.

Experts predict that the worth of crypto assets will continue to grow. Based on observations of the crypto space and market over the past ten years, the following became clear:

  • With a temporary decline in quotations, short-term investments are less profitable. 
  • Long-term investments from one year bring great profits and very rarely go bust.

That is, with the right approach, investing in crypto assets can bring good profits. Of course, you can also get income from little-known coins/tokens. Such crypto can seriously skyrocket in worth and bring big money to their owners. However, in any case, you should pay attention to the high-demand crypto projects with a large market capitalization. So, what’s the best crypto to buy this year?

The best cryptocurrency to invest in 2023

So, how to find the best cryptocurrency to invest in this year? Consider both established leaders and promising projects with growth potential.


There is no doubt that this is one of the best cryptos. BTC is a legend of the cryptocurrency market, one of the first coins to appear. It is an asset that can be added to your investment portfolio. It is widely believed that BTC is a long-term investment and the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2023.


This crypto is a true competitor to the first position. Still, the best cryptocurrency to invest in. According to analysts, this is the currency that could take off in 2023 due to the introduction of new protocols and the increase in the speed of operations. So, this is the best crypto to buy nowadays.


The best crypto to buy in 2023, it can be easily and profitably bought through exchanges and payment systems. It is an excellent option for long-term investment because it demonstrates growth in the process of long-term work.


Aptos aims to reinvigorate the L1 space with new ideas for consensus mechanisms. Looking at Aptos now, it is the most hyped project in recent times. The blockchain has raised $400 million from crypto funds, it shows that buyers started trusting the project even before it launched. Nevertheless, the project is high-risk, you can both make a big profit and lose a lot.


Why is this the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2023? It combines several successful concepts. Project strengths:

  • A token-burning mechanism for each operation protects this asset from inflation.
  • Thoughtful tokenomics make it possible to earn crypto rewards.
  • Extensive roadmap with plans to launch other games.

So, this is one of the best crypto coins to buy now.


The fantasy game Calvaria with its spectacular NFT cards. Why is this the best cryptocurrency to invest in now? Let’s look at the strengths of the RIA project:

  • The development of NFT cards gives users the ability to sell and exchange them.
  • Token holders get the right to vote for the further development of the project and earn on staking.
  • DAO implementation is planned.

This is the best crypto to buy this year. The project with its own RIA altcoin has attracted a lot of attention from both gamers and ordinary investors.


Why this is the best cryptocurrency to invest in? It was created to push the boundaries of the P2E space. Right now, developers are busy creating a variety of mobile games. They will be integrated into a high-quality decentralized ecosystem. All participants will have the opportunity to receive rewards. MEMAG is the best crypto to buy these days

Mistakes to avoid when deciding on the best crypto to buy now

What should be considered when choosing the best cryptos to buy this year? What mistakes you can avoid? To prevent loss of funds and unprofitable investments, consider the following aspects:

  • You can keep funds on exchanges, but a hardware crypto wallet is one of the safest options.
  • You have to be extremely careful with new projects. 
  • There are too many imaginary experts in the crypto community, so also be careful. 
  • Quotes can change in minutes, and one of the greatest signals for this is news.

Earning profits in this field requires analysis. One of the best crypto coins not only leaders in terms of market capitalization. 

How to choose one of the best cryptos this year

There are so many assets without large sales volumes but with great potential. To identify one of the best cryptos, consider these features:

  • The availability of useful technology.
  • The prospects of the roadmap.
  • Information about the team of creators.
  • Expert opinion and rate forecast.

If crypto has no useful technology, the future of such an asset is questionable. So, now you can choose cryptocurrency to invest in 2023 very easily.

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