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May 18, 2023

Ways of using widely spread social networks like TikTok for crypto promotion.

As you may know, one of the most popular kinds of investment today is crypto. Owners of cryptocurrencies are lobbying for the adoption of it as a widely accepted currency to exchange. Not everybody agrees with this, though. The fact that TikTok previously prohibited any materials relating to crypto makes this especially clear. Thus, their late news are intriguing. Programmers in TikTok are developing software that will enable cryptocurrency-related companies to place advertisements in their app. Although there may be limitations, it seems to be a significant development for Crypto promotion on TikTok.

In the United States and Canada, TikTok is now testing a new soft. It permits companies related to crypto that are accredited by a recognized regulatory body to promote crypto to all those using TikTok who are at least eighteen years old.
Licensed enterprises can post advertisements for their products on TikTok and encourage cryptocurrency investment. There’s plenty of caution taken in these sorts of advertising because this type of currency is still so new and unstable. Companies are not permitted to run sponsored commercials, according to a TikTok PR representative, but they are still able to share organic materials regarding crypto on their feeds. The platform is currently attempting to alter this.

Why is this crucial?

We stated that TikTok had restricted any cryptocurrency-related material in 2021. They still haven’t let sponsored adverts for cryptocurrencies, even though it was clear that the restrictions on non-paid material were interim.
But there is a known fact that there were companies that managed to effectively run sponsored ads prior to the prohibition. An adviser at “Lolli”, a browser addon that gives cash backs in BTC, shared that they managed to post several adverts in 2021 but then suddenly failed to be allowed.

An organization may suffer significantly if it loses all of its access to an infrastructure that is important to its marketing and advertising plans. This is why TikTok’s new program represents a significant advance for the industry. 

Due to their constraints, cryptocurrency businesses that wish to have ads on TikTok must take the necessary action to guarantee that they are subject to the appropriate regulations.

Furthermore, thanks to the fact that these advertisements may be viewed by individuals eighteen and older, we can be confident that only reliable cryptocurrency companies have the right to advertise to people who are capable of making wise financial decisions.

Next let’s discuss some ways of advertising on TikTok platform.

Whether you’re handling a marketing campaign or not, you’re certainly searching for some possible ways to distinguish your brand from that of many other players
in the area. Because of this, internet marketing for your company becomes even more crucial.
However, the current beta program is restricted to several companies. Although the test period has no specified date of ending, if it is implemented, any company that is controlled by the authorized institution might be permitted to display sponsored advertisements. But we may talk about methods to produce organic content. Let’s go through some.

Distribute educational material. Considering how young this industry is, many people are unaware of how it functions. You may engage plenty of newcomers and introduce them to your business by providing them with helpful information and some fundamentals for beginners. Make every effort to simplify this complicated subject. In this manner, those who are unfamiliar with crypto may join in and, ideally, end up becoming your customers.

Use humorous materials.
Have some fun while creating your material. There is still opportunity for humor even though the subject is serious—as you remember, we are speaking about investments.

Provide some interesting tips. There are a lot of possible tips available, including what to buy right away, what to dispose of, and what to keep, or they may contain some brief descriptions of some branches of the crypto market like NFT, tokens, etc. You may share these short videos with your audience in order to assist them in staying up-to-date on what’s trending. As people search for their next significant financial move, viewers will probably find these sorts of videos to be fascinating.

Remember to make use of the tools like link-in-bio.
The ability to connect to pages from videos is provided by this tool, which enables businesses to build a small landing page that includes multiple external links. Depending on the tool you use, your landing page may look very different. Some let you make a grid where every video points to a different page, whereas others let you create a list of links. Make smart use of this by including links to your services page, website, registration forms, blog pages, and others.

Collaborate with media influencing people of this area. One of the winning strategies is to make a collaboration involving some famous influencers and obtain a guarantee that your videos are not taken down for “community guidelines violation”. Choose those who support the same cryptos that your company promotes, and collaborate with them to produce joint material.

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