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Nov 14, 2022

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How to Create an NFT? Easy-to-Learn Guide

NFT is a cutting-edge technology that allows you to copyright your digital artworks on the internet, and earn by selling them to real collectors. Today we are explaining how to create your first NFT in just several simple steps.

How to make an NFT

1. Decide on the concept and the format

You can create NFTs from any multimedia: pictures, videos, gifs, music or text. Think of the proper, catchy name and description for your future asset.

2. Choose the platform to drop your crypto art

Platforms, or NFT marketplaces, differ in gas fees they charge for minting, and in blockchains on which the token is published.

Here are some beginner-friendly marketplaces for an easy start:

OpenSea (Ethereum and Polygon blockchains)

It’s probably the most popular NFT marketplace of today. Creators can mint and list their artworks for sale without paying gas. However, when a collector buys your NFT, you will pay 2.5% of your sale.

Rarible (Ethereum, Flow and Tezos)
A platform for collecting rare and valuable NFTs, such as paintings and digital art, books, music albums or movies. Here fees vary depending on the blockchain you use, but there is an option for free minting, too.

Holaplex (Solana)
A perfect choice for Solana adepts who admire fast and high-performance blockchain with almost zero fees. Minting and selling your NFT on Holaplex will cost you averagely of 0.000005 SOL ($0.00025) per transaction.

N.B. To start working with a platform, connect a suitable ETH or SOL wallet and make sure to have some coins in it.

3. Create your art

Use any available tools to make a masterpiece: Photoshop, video editors, apps for drawing, services for making gifs, etc. When you see your artwork is good enough, it’s time to mint.

What is minting?

It’s the process of converting digital data into crypto assets by creating new blocks and recording the information into them. In other words, minting an NFT means publishing it on the blockchain.

How to mint an NFT?

Just upload your file onto the chosen platform (e.g.OpenSea), and it will automatically convert your multimedia into NFT.

4. Mint, share and list

After the successful minting, you will get a share link leading to your NFT’s page on the marketplace. You can hide your NFT, or make it public and list it for sale in one click. Set the price, or put the artwork on auction if you want the collectors to compete for your NFT.

That’s it! As you see, creating and listing an NFT doesn’t require any special tech skills, coding or programming. NFT marketplaces give a fast-track entry to beginners who want to create impressive digital art and promote crypto.

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